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“Lawn” Chats: Hot Takes At Leavey

While tabling for The Hoya, Senior Multimedia Editor Amna Shamim (CAS ’25) asked students at the Spring 2023 Council of Advisory Boards (CAB) Fair about their hottest takes. Tune into this podcast to hear about pineapple on pizza, the best upstairs Leo’s option and ketchup sandwiches.


Amna Shamim (AS): Hi, my name is Amna and I’m the senior multimedia editor for The Hoya. Keeping in line with our relatively new tradition of asking people questions at CAB Fair — which, if you aren’t aware of, has been compiled into a wonderful Tik Tok — we asked people walking through CAB fair to give us their hot takes. This could be anything, whether food-related or Georgetown-related. So, without further ado, here are the hot takes of Georgetown, from the Spring 2023 CAB Fair:

Victoria Cheng: Cereal is better dry.

Veronika Lin: The optimal time to be awake is 9 a.m.

Zara Ali: The noodle bar is not good and extremely overrated. 

Matt De Meulder: Sazón is the optimal upstairs Leo’s location, no questions asked. 

Brendan Teehan: This is Brendan from Brendan’s Opinion, and my hot take is that if you post poetry on your Instagram story, you’re a bad person. 

Alicia Novoa: Hi guys, so my hot take is that I believe every event ever should be hosted on the lawn. We should end indoor events for many reasons including proper ventilation, vitamin D and just overall quality of life. Thank you. 

Isa Castellanos: Venmo is the best form of social media. 

Shevani Tewari: Corp coffee is not as bad as people say it is. 

Anish Kumar: I like pineapple on pizza. 

Kyle Wong: Chick-fil-A is bad. 

Nile Adhami: Russell Westbrook is not good at basketball. 

Joshua Grundhoefer (JG): Do they need context, or?

AS: Yeah, give some context.

JG: Okay, so I was talking with someone who was writing a Corp application, and they were going to write about how they used to eat ketchup sandwiches, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. 

Fiona Naughton: My hot take is that Leo’s isn’t that bad.

Ammar Hussain (AH): The article that went out this morning written by Saar and Rushil is one of the best articles I’ve ever read. 

AH: The Astroworld incident wasn’t Travis Scott’s fault. 

Renato Llontop: Americans don’t know how to cook food. 

Kate Unrath: Cucumbers are my favorite fruit. 

AS: The Hoya executive editors, Adora and Clayton, decided to share their hot takes as well. 

Adora Zheng: On average, pies are better than cakes, but a great cake is better than a great pie. 

Clayton Kincade: My hot take is that I just hate pie, like any form of pie is gross. Thank you.

AS: That’s it! Those are the hot takes. Comment down below if you disagree, or if you require an episode to talk about why any of these are right or wrong. And thank you for listening! 

This episode was edited by David Yang, and hosted and produced by me, Amna Shamim. Special thanks to all of our participants: Victoria Cheng (CAS ’26), Veronika Lin (MSB ’25), Zara Ali (SFS ’24), Matt De Meulder (MSB ’25), Brendan Teehan (CAS ’25), Alicia Novoa (CAS ’23), Isa Castellanos (SFS ’23), Shevani Tewari (SFS ’24), Anish Kumar (MSB ’25), Kyle Wong (CAS ’26), Nile Adhami (CAS ’25), Joshua Grundhoefer (CAS ’25), Fiona Naughton (SFS ’26), Ammar Hussain (MSB, SFS ’24), Renato Llontop (SFS ’24) and finally, Kate Unrath (CAS ’25). 

Special thanks to our participants on The Hoya: Adora Zheng (SFS ’25) and Clayton Kincade (SFS ’25). 

The music is “Running” by GUM, downloaded from

Until next time!

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