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A Georgetown Day to Remember (Or Not)


Georgetown Day Planning

Here at 4E, we try not to exaggerate things too much. So don’t take it lightly when we say that in two days, you will experience the greatest day of the year. In other words, it’s Georgetown Day, and the end of the semester will be appropriately celebrated.

Now, I’m sure that plenty of our readers — whether they’re wide-eyed freshmen contemplating the shenanigans to come, or seniors ready to make their last Georgetown Day their best — have some plans for their day, or are at least trying to make a schedule for this day of debauchery. That’s why we’ve developed a planner for all of your Georgetown Day needs. Have fun comparing your answers here to your actual Friday — we guarantee that there will be some differences!

You wake up at [8:30 a.m. for that pesky French oral exam / 7 a.m. because you’re reaaaaaady to paaaaaarty]. But before you can head out the door for the perfect Georgetown Day, you need to put on your [hilarious bro tank, brah! / classy springtime sundress / whatever, because you’re going to spill something on it later anyway]. With your sartorial needs taken care of, you head outside to begin your day.

Your first goal is food, because what’s a day of drinking without some good eats? So you stop at Leo’s, where you grab: [A healthy b-fast because a Hoya’s got to start the day right before the magic happens! / All the tater tots available because they’re tater tots and do you even need a reason?! / Just some OJ … that you’re going to subtly add to this water bottle…]

Then it’s time to head off [for classy mimosas, you wouldn’t miss it for the world! / back to the dorm to pregame with friends / to class – you’re not spending your last Friday in shambles / wherever life, liberty and the pursuit of Burnett’s takes you].

As the day goes on, you eventually find yourself out on Healy Lawn. While there, you [go try some of the fun activities with your friends / buy a week’s worth of hot dogs and eat them all / pass out]. After some debate, your friends decide to [head to Leo’s! And Epi! And that vending machine over there! / carry you off the lawn, because it’s naptime].  

Evening rolls around. You’re feeling [however you normally feel on a Friday evening / tired, but it’s nothing a liter of Powerade won’t fix / ALIVE! HOYA SAXA]. Just because the sun’s going down doesn’t mean Georgetown Day is over! Here’s to a Georgetown Day for the ages… If you can remember it.


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