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Wellness Across Georgetown: Self-Care Practices for Each Undergraduate School


In the past several years, the buzzword “self-care” has taken the world by storm. Books, magazines, news articles and social media posts proudly promote calming playlists, recipes and skincare routines, aiming to add a little bit of comfort to the chaos of life. It feels impossible to scroll through TikTok without seeing an influencer in a mud mask and fuzzy socks touting the importance of self-care. 

One of Georgetown University’s foundational values is cura personalis, meaning “care of the whole person.” But how can someone practice this uniquely Georgetown version of self-care amid the workload of  seemingly never-ending midterm seasons, social stressors and a pandemic? Connecting to their academic disciplines, students from Georgetown’s four schools have all found different ways to practice self-care. 

The School of Foreign Service

Ana Ruiz (SFS ’22) likes to practice self-care by pushing beyond her comfort zone. To her, socializing and getting out into the world is a huge part of taking care of herself in the Walsh School of Foreign Service (SFS). 

“As an extrovert, I like to meet with people, to make intentional time to meet with professors or other people I find interesting,” Ruiz said in an interview with The Hoya. 

For Patty Robben (SFS ’25), stepping away from screens and school-related notifications and into nature for a brief moment is crucial for mental well-being.

“Going on walks and runs gives me time to reflect and disconnect,” Robben said in an interview with The Hoya. 

The School of Nursing and Health Studies

Like Robben, Rupa Siva (NHS ’25) also enjoys running as a method of self care, as a student in the School for Nursing and Health Studies (NHS). Because of her health-focused studies, self-care is constantly on Siva’s mind.

“I usually hang out with my friends, go for a run, or eat a good meal because they are things that clear my mind and help me forget what I’m stressed about,” Siva said in an interview with The Hoya.

For students in the NHS, enjoying small moments within each day, from laughing with friends between classes to sitting down at Leo’s for dinner, can be a form of self-care. Just as Siva values the small moments, Bridgitte Isom (NHS ’24) seeks self-care by getting to sleep on time and listening to classical music. 

“I try to be very disciplined about getting enough sleep. I usually am in bed by 11 p.m. and wake up at 7:30 a.m. Classical music is also something which helps me to destress and calm down,” Isom said in an interview with The Hoya.

The College of Arts and Sciences

Similarly, students in Georgetown College cite music that holds significance from younger years as an important element of their self-care routines. 

“I love to listen to music from the early 2000s, specifically Adele, because it makes me nostalgic for happy childhood memories,” said Samantha Abbruzzese (COL ’23) in an interview with The Hoya. 

In addition to listening to music, time with friends is another facet of self-care on campus which students in the College appear to be drawn to. 

“I like to sit in the lovely spot behind the Healey Family Student Center that overlooks the Potomac and just relax and talk with friends,” Christina Landau (COL ’25) said in an interview with The Hoya.

The McDonough School of Business

In contrast, students in the McDonough School of Business (MSB) like to combine numerous forms of self care to create a comprehensive list of ways to take a mental health break. Syrena Foster (MSB ’23) offers four different components of her self-care routine. 

“I like to work out, spend time with friends even when I know I have things due, make sure to eat, and get help when I need it,” she says. 

Stress will always be an unpleasant reality in the lives of Georgetown students, but available resources, from professor office hours to talking with a mentor or counselor, can help alleviate daily stresses and worries.

Though the four Georgetown schools all differ in academic programs and career paths, Hoyas all practice self-care by taking time out of the day to enjoy the little moments of life and pausing to remember to take care of themselves even when school becomes overwhelming, leading to an overall happier Hilltop.

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