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Earlier this week, we published a post about why you should apply to 4E. While we totally stand behind this statement, because we are the bomb, we recognize that writing for 4E isn’t for everyone. Maybe you’re the next Ansel Adams (the name of a famous photographer that I just Googled, because I am not the next Ansel Adams). Maybe you love watching movies and you want to write about your feelings on “Interstellar.” 

Whatever the case, The Hoya has a place for you. While there are a lot of positions on the publishing side of things – ranging from sales to marketing – as part of the editorial division, we wanted to quickly highlight each editorial section. To do so, we asked the senior editors of each section to share their thoughts on their sections.

News: News is the heart of the paper. If you join news, you have the opportunity to write biweekly about everything that happens around campus and in the city, from the Ferguson protests in D.C. to the changing policies on free speech around campus. In addition to improving your writing skills and working with fantastic people on the news staff, you’ll be the most informed of all your friends! We’d love to have you.

Opinion: The Opinion section of the Hoya occupies pages A2 and A3 of each issue. Pieces that commonly comprise it include viewpoints written by anyone on (and sometimes off) campus, installments of columns written by a select team that tackles issues of administration, politics, student life, and the like, and a series of editorials written by a distinct board of Hoya staff and community members. Two viewpoints, “Reflecting on the Ordeal of a Mishandled Ricin Case” by senior Thomas Lloyd and “I Was Mugged, and I Understand Why,” by Oliver Friedfeld, are among the most viewed pieces in the newspaper’s history and received national attention. As part of the opinion team, you’ll have the opportunity to edit straight away.

Guide: The Guide is the lifestyle and culture section of the Hoya. Its writers cover a variety of topics such as food, music, theater, film and artistic events happening both on and off campus. You might also get the chance to interview actual famous people, like Eddie Redmayne from “The Theory of Everything.” [See the recent review of “Annie” as an example of the Guide.]

Sports: Interview some of the best athletes in college sports, attend NCAA Tournament matches and watch men’s basketball games from courtside of the Verizon Center — these are all things that our writers do on a regular basis and, if you join the sports section, you could do them, too. Apply to write for sports and be part of what everyone knows to be the best section on The Hoya (but don’t tell the other guys).

Photo: Photo is a great section for anyone from an iPhone amateur to an experienced pro. Press passes and giant cameras are your key to seeing the president speak and sitting on the floor of games of the Verizon Center.



Copy: do you thikn you have wat it takes too meticullusly reed and edit the news paper off record? Join copy! Weed love two have you hear.

Layout: The layout section is all about creativity, design, and precision. Apply if you like to make graphics or want to learn all about graphic design. Another perk: you pick your own times to work – you only need to come in for one two-hour shift a week!

Multimedia: Multimedia creates videos to complement the content produced by all of the other sections – from breaking news to Jack’s new tricks. If you think you’ve got what it takes to run to Mount Vernon Square to videotape protesters, edit together a video of the school mascot skateboarding, or would like to learn how to film and edit videos, apply for Multimedia!

Online: The interwebz are the final frontier. Know how to code? Join. Illiterate, but creative? Join. Even if you don’t have computer skills, the Online section is looking for creative minded people to help develop the Hoya’s website and social media.  This department has the most potential for growth, so we’d love to welcome anyone who has the technical know-how or vision. Whether you think big or like the details of coding, definitely apply!

If any of the above sections appeal to you, don’t hesitate to apply! By putting in a short amount of time filling out the application, you could join one of the biggest parts of Georgetown and get to meet new people! What do you have to lose?

Apply here. You have until tomorrow, Jan. 16 at 5 p.m. to join us! All updates will be posted on our Facebook page.

Photos: Daniel Smith/The Hoya, Chris Bien/The Hoya, LinkedIn

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