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3rd Annual Womens March Rallies Amid Claims of Antisemitism

3rd Annual Women’s March Rallies Amid Claims of Antisemitism

By Chelsea Hafer January 25, 2019

An estimated 65,000 protesters participated in this year’s Women’s March in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 19, even as the organizers face widespread criticism because of close association with antisemitic...

ASHLEY CHEN FOR THE HOYA Hate-based crimes, criminal offenses committed against victims because of their identity, increased by 275 percent at Georgetown, according to the universitys Annual Security Report. Fifteen hate crimes were reported on campus in 2017, an increase from four in 2016.

Hate Crimes Surge at Georgetown in 2017

By Meena Morar November 2, 2018

Hate crimes increased by 275 percent on Georgetown University’s campus, according to the university’s 2018 Annual Security Report. U.S. Department of Education’s Clery Act defines a hate crime...

Former ADL Director Attributes Rise in Anti-Semitism to Trump

By Alexandra Bowman October 15, 2018

President Donald Trump’s election in 2016 inspired a growth of anti-Semitism, said American Defamation League National Director Emeritus and Holocaust survivor Abraham Foxman at an event Oct. 10 in the...

EDITORIAL: Confront Ongoing Anti-Semitism

By Editorial Board February 2, 2018

While Georgetown’s mission and administration have historically fought to create an inclusive environment for its Jewish students, the campus has long been — and still is — an unfortunate microcosm...

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Why Are We Surprised?

By Jonathan Lanz September 26, 2017

To the Editor: A recent Pew Research Center study indicates that 73 percent of Jews in America stated that “remembering the Holocaust” is an essential part of what being Jewish means to them. As...

LARKIN: Root Out Insidious Hate

LARKIN: Root Out Insidious Hate

By Tanner Larkin September 20, 2017

They were both blood red. One was a little smeared; the other had cleaner lines. These were the second and third swastikas found on campus this semester, and this is the second time I have had to start...

Two bias related incidents have been reported over the last two days.

Two Bias-Related Vandalisms Reported in Two Days

By Jeff Cirillo September 7, 2017

Jeff Cirillo is a staff writer for The Hoya. Three swastikas were found on the walls of two residence hall elevators this week. A swastika was found carved onto the wall of a Village C West elevator...

Anti-Semitic graffiti was found near the Makóm Jewish gathering space in Leavey Center.

GUPD Investigates Anti-Semitic Graffiti Near Jewish Gathering Space

By Christian Paz May 8, 2017

Anti-Semitic graffiti was found in a public restroom next to the Makóm Jewish gathering space in Leavey Center Saturday morning. The graffiti, which includes a death threat, has been classified...

VIEWPOINT: Protest and Prayer on the Day of Mourning

By Julia Friedmann April 27, 2017

On Monday morning, I joined hands with fellow members of the Jewish community outside of Healy Hall to recite the mourner’s kaddish for those who were murdered in the Holocaust. It was Yom Hashoah, Holocaust...

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Debunking ‘Subtle Anti-Semitism’

By Opinion Editor March 28, 2017

It is not often that I respond to op-eds that attempt to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Indeed, there exist a myriad articles that share Tanner Larkin’s efforts to disparage support for Palestine....

VIEWPOINT: Subtle Anti-Semitism

By Tanner Larkin March 24, 2017

Last October, a swastika was scratched into the wall of a Georgetown University Medical Center bathroom. Laudably, administrators and others quickly condemned this blatant expression of bigotry. However,...

VIEWPOINT: Bannons Perversion of Hoya Values

VIEWPOINT: Bannon’s Perversion of Hoya Values

By Jenna Galper February 14, 2017

When I first saw the headline that Steve Bannon would serve in the White House as a chief strategist and senior counselor to President Donald Trump, I felt sick to my stomach. I experienced this dark,...

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