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GU FOSSIL FREE/FACEBOOK | GU Fossil Free members Celia Buckman (SFS 21), bottom center, and Samantha Panchèvre (SFS 19), bottom right, urged Georgetown to divest from companies who do not meet select energy standards.

GUFF Alters Full Divestment Proposal After CISR Meeting

By Ashley Zhao March 28, 2019

GU Fossil Free released a memo detailing its five-year plan for the university to divest from fossil fuel companies March 28 following a meeting with the university's investment committee last week. The...


CISR Recommends Against Direct Investment in Private Prisons

By Toby Hung March 2, 2017

The Committee on Investments and Social Responsibility plans to advise the board of directors to establish a policy of no direct investment in private prison companies and to avoid commingled funds...


University Pulls out of Coal Investments

By Jack Bennett June 5, 2015

The decision came Thursday, as the third day of board meetings came to a close. GU Fossil Free, an organization dedicated to full divestment from fossil fuel companies, expressed disappointment...

Members of GU Fossil Free, after the release of the boards decision.

Board Resolution Ends Direct Investment in Coal

By Mallika Sen June 4, 2015

The university's board of directors voted today to cease direct investment in coal companies, affirming the recommendation of the board's working group. According to the resolution, the...

Faculty Letter Backs Fossil Free

By Toby Hung April 24, 2015

GU Fossil Free submitted an open letter signed by 97 faculty members calling for the university to divest from the top 200 fossil fuel companies to the Office of the President on Wednesday. The letter,...

The Year in Brief

By Andrew Wallender April 24, 2015

July 2014 – DeGioia Becomes Longest-Serving President University President John J. DeGioia, the first layperson to occupy Georgetown’s presidency, surpassed his predecessors 13 years after he ascended...

CISR, Stall No More

By The Editorial Board January 30, 2015

After a prolonged debate, the Committee on Invests Social Responsibility rejected GU Fossil Free’s plan for divestment and suggested in its place an alternative that would enact change over a lengthened...

The CISR vote was scheduled for Jan. 16, prompting a GU Fossil Free-led rally, but the results were not released until Monday night.

CISR Rejects Fossil Free Plan and Offers Alternative

By Toby Hung January 27, 2015

The Committee on Investments and Social Responsibility voted against GU Fossil Free’s divestment proposal Monday night and instead recommended to the university’s board of directors a program of...

GU Fossil Free led a sparsely attended rally before the Jan. 16 vote.

CISR Yet to Release Decision

By Jack Bennett January 23, 2015

The Center for Investments and Social Responsibility has yet to release the results of their Jan. 16 vote on divestment, leading members of GU Fossil Free to release an open letter urging CISR to respond...


CISR to Vote on Divestment

By Toby Hung January 16, 2015

As the Committee on Investments and Social Responsibility votes on fossil fuel divestment today, GU Fossil Free will continue its campaign in preparation for its meeting with the university’s board...

Rightful Divestment

By The Editorial Board January 16, 2015

On June 25, 2013, President Barack Obama spoke from the steps of New North and announced a major plan to combat climate change. Obama’s remarks emphasized the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,...

GU Fossil Free Discusses Proposal With DeGioia

By Jack Bennett December 5, 2014

University President John J. DeGioia met with GU Fossil Free last Tuesday to discuss the fossil fuel divestment proposal and inform them that the Committee on Investments and Social Responsibility will...

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