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Georgetown Cupcake Owner Celebrates US Citizenship With Free Cupcakes

By Sarah Donofrio October 3, 2019

Georgetown Cupcake co-owner Katherine Kallinis Berman became a United States citizen and celebrated by sharing cupcakes with the 449 other new citizens at the Oath of Allegiance Ceremony on Sept. 21.  At...

Am I Too Old For This?

Am I Too Old For This?

By Caroline Porterfield and Caroline Porterfield November 3, 2017

As you sip a Natty at a crowded pregame or wait in line for ~another~ Epi Quesadilla, some of you upperclassmen out there might be pondering a timeless question. To help you find answers, we here at 4E...

Cupcake ATM...?

Cupcake ATM…?

By Sara Carioscia and Sara Carioscia April 6, 2015

Rumor has it that Sprinkles cupcakes tried to make a cupcake ATM on M street. This would be kind of sick – you could walk up to the store, type in your selection and a perfectly frosted cupcake would...

Bakery Hosts Literary Club

By Allison Cannella October 31, 2014

Anyone familiar with the Georgetown area knows about one of the funkiest bakery/coffee shops around. Located just off M Street, past the scenic C&O Canal, Baked and Wired serves dozens of sweet...

Uber Delivers Kittens Today

Uber Delivers Kittens Today

By Emma Holland and Emma Holland October 29, 2014

Uber is delivering kittens today! Because it's National Cat Day so naturally a taxi driver should arrive at your doorstep with a kitten and UberKITTENS swag. The kittens are coming to Austin, Chicago,...

Weird Things That Happen to You on Long Runs

Weird Things That Happen to You on Long Runs

By Camille Dirago and Camille Dirago April 10, 2014

I, like many Hoyas, have been training for the Nike Women's Half Marathon that's coming up in D.C. In doing so, I have reluctantly been on many long and interesting runs around the city. Here are some...

Winning the Cupcake Wars: Wheat-Free Edition

By Christina Wing October 8, 2013

Fall has officially begun. It’s time to break out your favorite cozy sweaters and leather boots and breathe in the crisp autumn air all around us. At home, I would always welcome fall by siting outside...

Cupcake Wars and Water Woes

By The Guide Staff February 20, 2013

Anti Hydration Stations Water is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty. Beauty is an important aspect of life at Georgetown. Every Joe and Jane Hoya puts in honest hours every...

Stop the Presses: Its a Cupcake Conundrum!

Stop the Presses: It’s a Cupcake Conundrum!

By KP and KP February 2, 2013

Oh no! Egads! Gadzooks! According to DCist, tourist mecca Georgetown Cupcake owes $189,000 in sales taxes to the District of Columbia! The cupcake shop, which has been in business since 2008, received...

Life, Love and the Pursuit of Nutella

By KP and KP October 12, 2012

Oh, Nutella. Sweet, sweet, wonderful, delicious Nutella. We at The Fourth Edition love you, and you never cease to amaze us. You and your chocolatey-hazelnut goodness always find a way to blow our minds,...

Off Campus Study Spotlight: Baked & Wired

By The 4E Staff and The 4E Staff October 9, 2012

Midterm season is in full swing. Lau is packed, your housemates are antsy, and Regents doesn't have an open plug. Great. How where is there to study? Off campus, of course. And why not study while eating...

More Cupcakes for Georgetown

By The 4E Staff and The 4E Staff July 11, 2012

I know what you are thinking right now. How in the world could Georgetown, a neighborhood that is more saturated in cupcakes than any other place in the world, possibly support MORE cupcakes? Sprinkles...

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