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Advocacy Coalition Launches To Decriminalize Drugs in DC

Advocacy Coalition Launches To Decriminalize Drugs in DC

By Laetitia Haddad October 28, 2021

Washington, D.C.-based activist groups have launched the #DecrimPovertyDC campaign aimed at decriminalizing drug use. The #DecrimPovertyDC campaign, made up of a coalition of local organizations, including...

PIXABAY Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) proposed emergency legislation to prohibit chemical compounds found in synthetic drugs after a recent upsurge in overdoses of K2, a strain of synthetic marijuana, in Washington, D.C.

Spike in Synthetic Marijuana Overdoses Prompts Emergency Legislation

By Elizabeth Douglas October 2, 2018

Following a dramatic uptick in reported overdoses of K2, a strain of synthetic marijuana, since mid-July, Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) introduced emergency legislation to widen the scope of what constitutes...


Drug Issue 2018

By Guide Editor February 23, 2018

Despite Pushback, Student Drug Use Continues Chronicling the Grass-Roots Fight for Legal Pot in DC Pressure to Succeed Leads Students to Drug Abuse US Opioid Epidemic Breaks Bodies and Minds Debunking...


Debunking Common Drug Myths

By Olivia Jimenez February 23, 2018

Myth #1: It’s too late to quit cigarettes — the damage is already done. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people who have quit smoking see improvements regardless of how...


Reconciling Drug Use With Ethics and Religion

By William Leo February 22, 2018

As a Jesuit university, Georgetown has always had a strong connection to religious traditions and ethics. But when drugs are involved, deeply held beliefs can seem dizzying and contradictory. From...

Georgetown Author R.F. Kuang Speaks on Upcoming Novel ‘The Poppy War’

By Rachel Linton December 10, 2017

HarperCollins is set to publish Georgetown senior Rebecca Kuang’s (SFS ’18) speculative historical fiction novel “The Poppy War” in May 2018, followed by two sequels. Set in a mythical land inspired...

Former Law Professor Arrested on Drug Charges

By Christian Paz February 3, 2017

A former adjunct professor at the Georgetown University Law Center, Jack Vitayanon, was arrested and charged with conspiring to distribute illegal drugs Wednesday. Vitayanon, an attorney for the...

VIEWPOINT: Reframing Duterte’s War on Drugs

By Micaela Beltran October 21, 2016

Politics in the Philippines is rife with contradictions. It is probably the only country in the world where voters would elect an authoritarian as president, a human rights activist as vice president,...

BENNETT: Drug Warped (Please Dope Responsibly)

By Jack Bennett February 26, 2016

THE EDGE, HISTORY- Greetings from the frontlines of the Drug War. No, not the War on Drugs, which has come to exemplify everything bad about American governance. From the racism of sentencing disparities...

HOCHBERG: Legalize The Use Of Drugs

HOCHBERG: Legalize The Use Of Drugs

By Gracie Hochberg November 13, 2015

The competitive college debate world loves debating whether or not the United States should legalize all drugs. As radical as this concept sounds, it is a favorite among debate teams because not only is...

Down with Pharmaceutical Costs

By Nikita Deshpande September 7, 2015

Hepatitis C officially has a cure: Sovaldi. It is a powerful drug capable of healing the 150-200 million hepatitis C sufferers around the world. This pharmaceutical discovery entered the market in 2014...

Mandatory Minimums a Better Path to Justice

By Kathryn McGinnis October 3, 2014

To The Editor: Re: “With Race, Holder’s Weak Action” The Hoya, Sept. 30, A3 I, too, have a bitter taste left in my mouth by the fact that those responsible for the financial collapse of the...

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