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EDITORIAL: Reverse The Corps Cash Ban

EDITORIAL: Reverse The Corp’s Cash Ban

By Editorial Board October 4, 2019

With seven storefronts on campus and a wide range of coffee and snack offerings, Students of Georgetown, Inc., commonly referred to as The Corp, gives students convenient food options on campus. But,...

The Stages of Losing Your GoCard

The Stages of Losing Your GoCard

By Nikki Hauser and Nikki Hauser April 25, 2017

Who knew a tiny, ugly piece of plastic would mean so much to us? If you're a Georgetown student, you've probably lost your GoCard before. And if you're like me, you lose it almost every week. How do...

The Office of Residential Living installed GOCard readers in the stairwells and elevators of a majority of the university’s residence halls. Budget limitations prevented security upgrades in LXR, Copley and Walsh.

Student Security Tightens in Residences

By William Zhu January 22, 2016

The Office of Residential Living activated new GOCard security measures at the start of the semester that limit access to stairwells and elevators in residence halls to increase campus wide security. A...

All 95 Coca-Cola vending machines on the main campus and law center have been upgraded to be compatible with payments by credit card, Apple Pay or Google Wallet in addition to payments by cash and GoCard.

Vending Machines Receive Tech Updates

By Matthew Larson November 20, 2015

You can now buy your soda with a credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay at vending machines on Georgetown University’s main campus and the Georgetown University Law Center. Previously, vending machines...

How 4E Lost It

How 4E Lost It

By The 4E Staff and The 4E Staff October 22, 2015

You may have seen a video circulating the Internet recently featuring Georgetown students talking about how they lost "it." Well, 4E was  insulted that we were not invited to collaborate on this video...

Usher One, Usher All

By The Editorial Board January 13, 2015

The university announced that its partnership with Usher, the technology firm that piloted a mobile GOCard to incoming freshmen and transfer students this fall, will extend its service to all undergraduates...

Old Leo’s Policy Flexible, Not Fraudulent

By Will Simons October 17, 2014

To the Editor: In an article titled “Leo’s Limits Meal Swipe Use” from Oct. 10 [A5], The Hoya described Aramark and the administration’s motivations and students’ reactions to the recent enforcement...

Identifying Progress

By The Editorial Board September 5, 2014

Through the developing discussion of trans issues at Georgetown, the university has reached a considerable benchmark in its history, with transgender students more welcomed on campus and issues that concern...

Trans Policies Progress

By Maddy Moore August 29, 2014

In a move signifying some progress in university policy toward transgender students, the university has placed a transgender student in housing with other students of the same gender, amid ongoing conversations...

Senate Evaluates GOCards, Websites and Recycling

By Annie Chen April 21, 2013

At last week’s GUSA senate meeting, the body unanimously passed three pieces of legislation focused on GOCard technology, university online resources and recycling. The first bill called for the...

Putting the ‘GO’ in GOCard

By The Editorial Board February 5, 2013

A weary freshman finally musters up the motivation to do laundry, packs up all of his clothes into his hamper and rides the elevator all the way down to the basement ofHarbin Hall. He loads all of his...

Access in Excess

By The Editorial Board January 18, 2013

The recent announcement that GOCard access in residence halls has been extended from 10 p.m. until midnight is a small victory for campus convenience. But for members of certain groups, such as GERMS responders...

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