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MAGGIE CHEN-THE HOYA | The McDonough School of Business changed its curve policy to decrease competition among undergraduate and graduate students.

MSB Relaxes Grading Curve, Seeks Collaboration

By Kareeda Kabir January 18, 2019

The mean grade point average in all undergraduate courses taken in the McDonough School of Business will now be capped at 3.5 out of 4.0 in an effort to decrease competition among students. This new...

EDITORIAL: Respect Students, Adhere to Finals Policy

By Editorial Board December 7, 2018

Study days are meant to be an undisturbed time for students to prepare for finals. However, some Georgetown University professors disrupt this time by violating the university’s finals policy. Under...

A Guide to Fulfilling New Year’s Goals Quickly

A Guide to Fulfilling New Year’s Goals Quickly

By Mike Radice and Mike Radice January 2, 2016

If you don’t make resolutions this New Years, you probably aren’t missing out. Not many people actually fulfill these often lofty or vague goals. Why? They set themselves up for failure. In order...

How to Get a Great Internship

How to Get a Great Internship

By Kat Vassell and Kat Vassell November 3, 2015

Break out your suits and resume folders because it's time to find an internship. Perhaps you don't know how to format your resume or even where to begin? If you want to get offers from your favorite employers,...


Valedictorians Talk Exemplary Academic Records

By Brian Carden and Lena Duffield May 14, 2015

Six students will be honored as valedictorians and Dean’s Medal recipients this weekend for achieving the highest GPAs in their respective schools, with a tie between three students in the College...

Finals: As Told By The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Finals: As Told By “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”

By Catherine McNally and Catherine McNally April 29, 2015

As the week winds to an end, and the study days disappear (seriously, come back), it’s inevitable that we will all soon be facing the doom of finals.  In order to provide you with a preview of the...

An Appropriate Audit

By The Editorial Board February 14, 2014

On the first day of class it is common for teachers to tell students that participation will account for a large portion of their grade. Because this assessment is often based on a teacher’s subjective...

Mending an Empty Honor

By Online Editor January 17, 2014

Georgetown’s seemingly endless graduation ceremonies might be shorter in 2017, with two little words cut from the ritual for a quarter of its student body: cum laude. Latin honors were granted to...

Hard Work Pays Off for Four Valedictorians

By Eitan Sayag May 15, 2013

  Four students who earned the highest GPAs in their respective schools will be honored at graduation ceremonies this weekend. Steven Waldorf (COL ’13) and Russell Kreutter...

Average Cum Laude

By The Editorial Board November 15, 2012

While grades should not overshadow the more meaningful goals of higher education, few would question their significance as a reflection of student effort and achievement. Grades are like currency, and...

Straighten Out the MSB Curve

By Eric Isdaner September 26, 2012

If the McDonough School of Business’ aim is to educate students to be among the most competitive in the nation and more attractive to potential employers, its grading policy does a poor job of furthering...

The Meaning of Character Value

By Sidney Chiang September 29, 2011

Imagine a world where your professors grade you not only on your academic improvement but also on your social skills and character. That is what several New York schools are attempting to do this year...

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