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Same-Sex Couples, Same Family Values

By Sam Dulik April 4, 2013

Truthfully, I happen to think that George W. Bush was an underrated president. I still believe Mitt Romney would have made a superb leader. I am a Republican who feels that, at its best, my party is a...

DULIK: Ten Rising Stars Gunning For Congress

By Opinion Editor and Sam Dulik October 16, 2012

We can’t stand Congress, and to a certain degree, we’re right in our indignation: The Capitol is filled with many small-minded and ineffective politicians. Unfortunately, their incompetence distracts...

DULIK: Romney Takes the Rocky Road

By Sam Dulik March 2, 2012

Mitt Romney's primary wins in Arizona and Michigan Tuesday were hardly a surprise. In Arizona, his Mormon and Western roots gave him a leg up. In Michigan, the facts that he was born and raised in the...

DULIK: Romney Resuscitates Campaign

By Sam Dulik February 2, 2012

Florida is home to an almost magical political vibe. Whether handing George W. Bush the White House after an agonizing recount in 2000 or sealing the deal for John McCain's presidential nomination in 2008,...

DULIK: Romney: The Right Candidate

By Sam Dulik January 20, 2012

Journalists and pundits covering the Republican presidential primaries have recently been stuck on the question of whether Mitt Romney will secure the nomination, and how he will do so. Unfortunately,...

Dulik: A Gold Mine of Political Action

By Sam Dulik April 29, 2011

They say Nevada is the "Silver State," but for political junkies this week it's been golden. A tumultuous chain reaction of political events has just rocked the state, creating serious implications for...

Dulik: Senators’ Departures Usher in 2012 Campaign Season

By Sam Dulik February 18, 2011

Having barely caught its breath after 2010's watershed midterm elections, the American public already finds itself in the thick of the 2012 campaign season. While the re-election of President Obama will...

Philodemic Society Unveils Library in Leavey

By Masha Goncharova November 23, 2010

The Philodemic Society opened a new library last Saturday on the fourth floor of the Leavey Center. The new collection features books donated by past members and supporters of the society to aid Philodemicians...

Golden State May Vote Red in 2010

By Sam Dulik April 20, 2010

Today, the "Golden State" is anything but golden. Wracked by severe budgetary crises and an untenable political system, California, once the paragon of the American Dream, teeters on the precipice of disaster....

Democratic Hold Shaky in Arkansas

By Sam Dulik February 23, 2010

There's something peculiar about Arkansas. While it is not quite dixie, not quite Midwestern, not particularly industrialized, wealthy, urbanized or populated, a defining characteristic of the Natural...

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