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ALEXANDRA BRUNJES/THE HOYA | Though The Tavern offers student discounts and other options for the budget-shopper, students often shy away from the storefront. As a branch of Sweetgreen, The Tavern seeks to bring fresh produce to shoppers by working directly with farmers. With the purest intentions and the chicest store, The Tavern is worth a visit.

The Tavern Offers a Reimagined, Upscale Version of Sweetgreen

By Alexandra Brunjes February 7, 2019

In 2007, three young Georgetown graduates founded a salad shop called Sweetgreen and opened up its first location within walking distance from their alma mater on M Street. A few months before...


Sweetgreen Turns 10, Opens New Location

By Yewande Ilawole September 1, 2017

In 2007, a trio of freshly minted Georgetown alumni were dissatisfied with their difficulty finding affordable and healthy food. From this problem, Sweetgreen was born. Jonathan Neman, Nicolas Jammet...

125 Substitutes for Season Tickets

125 Substitutes for Season Tickets

By Alessandra Puccio and Alessandra Puccio February 23, 2017

New year, new team? Maybe not, but we can only hope for the best when it comes to our men's basketball team. The team has had a long road. From winning to NCAA championship in 1984 to not even making the...

Best Restaurants in Georgetown and DC

By Shannon Hou September 2, 2016

QUICK MEALS IN GEORGETOWN If you are in a rush or just want a quick bite, there are quite a few fast, casual spots not too far from campus. Wisemiller’s Grocery & Deli – better known as Wisey’s...

M Street Says Goodbye to Froyo (Again)

M Street Says Goodbye to Froyo (Again)

By Sara Carioscia and Sara Carioscia July 1, 2015

Today 4E discovered the greatest tragedy on M Street since the closure of Rhino: Sweetgreen has stopped serving frozen yogurt. This feels like a personal attack, as Sweetgreen was founded by three...


Sweetgreen Takes the West Coast

By Kim Bussing June 19, 2015

Fear not, West Coast-bound Hoyas, Sweetgreen has finally extended its roots to California soil. The Los Angeles location, which opened in May of this year, marks the 30th Sweetgreen store, with a 31st...

Newsflash! The New Sweetgreen Menu Is Here!

By Meg Lizza and Meg Lizza October 25, 2014

If you didn’t already know, Sweetgreen has recently introduced some new salads to their menu, including some seasonally inspired creations. Sweetgreen is the only place where, in my opinion, it is...

Entrepreneurship Series Fosters Startup Culture

By Chris Balthazard September 16, 2014

This weekend, the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative will hold Georgetown Startup Weekend, Entrepreneurship Day and TechBuzz, a series of events in the Rafik B. Hariri building that reflect the growing...

The 4E Guide to Picnicking

The 4E Guide to Picnicking

By Julia Kieserman and Julia Kieserman April 23, 2014

Well, it’s that time of year again. Zyrtec commercials are back on the air, winter coats are going on sale and chilling inside is suddenly not socially acceptable because you could be "lawn-ing." You...

Students Sample Hilltoss Salads

By Ashley Miller March 7, 2014

At an official unveiling in Sellinger Lounge, employees at Hilltoss, a new Students of Georgetown Inc. location that will sell salads, smoothies and frozen yogurt, gave out free samples and solicited...

New Initiatives Grow SIPS’ Campus Profile

By Molly Simio March 7, 2014

The Social Innovation Public Service Fund is raising its on-campus profile through several initiatives, including a business idea pitching competition and a summer fellowship program. On Feb. 27, SIPS,...

Million-Dollar Mesclun: Sweetgreen Gets Investor

By Natasha Khan December 6, 2013

After expanding to New York and Boston this year, Sweetgreen has again raised its national profile. Founded by two Georgetown alumni in 2007, the salad chain will receive a $22 million investment from...

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