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Maren Fagan/The Hoya | Students and departments alike, including the Women’s Center and GU Women of Color, hosted and collaborated to celebrate Women’s History Month, which featured guest lecturers, panel speakers and community bonding hours for the entirety of March.

Georgetown Celebrates Women’s History Month With Lectures, Panels

By Jasmine Zhang, Special to The Hoya March 15, 2024

Student organizations and academic departments at Georgetown University are hosting events to celebrate Women’s History Month, which began March 1. University organizations and student groups including...

Courtesy of Georgetown University Womens Center Instagram (@guwomenscenter) | Campus community members discussed the intersection of rage and gender in a Rage Dialogue hosted by the Georgetown University Womens Center and led by African American Studies Department chair LaMonda Horton-Stallings on March 12.

Discussion: Channeling Rage Through a Feminist Lens

By Caleigh Keating, Events Desk Editor March 15, 2024

Campus community members discussed the intersection of rage and gender, along with how to productively use rage in activism and daily life, in a “Rage Dialogue” event hosted by the Georgetown University...

VORA: Modernize the Concept of Chivalry

VORA: Modernize the Concept of Chivalry

By Shivali Vora March 19, 2023

’Twas the season of love at Georgetown University last month, and like clockwork, chivalry became more prevalent in February. Signs of it were everywhere, from dinner dates on the waterfront to bouquets,...

ROCHELLE VAYNTRUB FOR THE HOYA | The Georgetown University Women’s Center is spearheading this year’s Women’s History Month, highlighting the work of women throughout history who have previously been overlooked.

GU Celebrates Women’s History Month

By Taylor Kahn-Perry March 23, 2019

During this year’s Women’s History Month, Georgetown is recognizing diversity and community among women on campus with events hosted by various organizations and centers at the university. Women’s...

LUX: Trumps Gendered Hypocrisy

LUX: Trump’s Gendered Hypocrisy

By Emma Lux April 4, 2017

During Women’s History Month, the Trump administration frequently highlighted how much it values and supports women. However, it simultaneously proposed plans to undercut and defund important women’s...

EDITORIAL: Toward Inclusive Feminism

By Editorial Board March 24, 2017

In a stirring celebration of girl power, the fourth annual OWN IT Summit hosted more than 500 attendees and 100 speakers during a daylong event Saturday geared toward encouraging the next generation of...

Georgetown Launches Women in Science Website

By Joe Egler March 21, 2017

The university launched a website dedicated to Georgetown women in science March 9 in conjunction with Women’s History Month. The website celebrates the contributions of Georgetown’s female students,...

Women’s History Month Celebrated in March

By Giovanna Azevedo March 27, 2015

When Georgetown closes out its celebration of Women’s History Month on Tuesday with an event featuring ballet prodigy Misty Copeland, hundreds of students will have attended its 15 events, which featured...

Seniors Speak: Gender

Seniors Speak: Gender

By Courtney Klein and Courtney Klein March 16, 2015

Happy Women's History month! March is a time to honor women, their accomplishments and to discuss the future for this gender. To celebrate this, Georgetown is hosting a "seniors speak" event to discuss black...

Women Leaders Empower at Home and on Campus

By Eng Gin Moe March 28, 2014

I grew up as an only child, greatly coddled by my parents who believed that I could do anything I wanted. I was afforded many luxuries, including my mother’s support and care as she stayed at home to...

SAAC Dodges Inequity in Sports

By Emily Grau March 20, 2013

When you think of dodgeball, you might be haunted by memories of middle school gym class, or maybe you’ll chuckle while recalling Ben Stiller’s superb mustache from the popular 2004 film. You probably...

GU Celebrates Women’s History Month

By Emma Hinchliffe March 20, 2012

As Women’s History Month draws to a close, the Women’s Center, GU Women of Color and GU Women in Politics will sponsor events to recognize women who have played a significant role in university history. “Celebrating...

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