As Georgetown University has committed itself as an institution dedicated to reconciling with the impact and resulting obligations of the legacy of slavery, The Hoya seeks to investigate what exactly constitutes that legacy. The descendants of the enslaved men, women and children who were sold to keep the university running are still highly localized in an area that is physically distant, and we seek to bridge that distance by bringing the stories of the descendants to the community at Georgetown.

The Hoya’s team, headed by board of directors member Aly Pachter (COL ’19), includes Hoya staffers Margo Snipe (COL ’20), Karla Leyja (COL ’19), Lisa Burgoa (SFS ’19), Eliza Phillips (COL ’21), Derrick Arthur (NHS ’19) and Will Cromarty (COL ’21), as well as journalism master’s degree candidate Elizabeth Thomas (GRD ’20) and her brother Shepard Thomas (COL ’20), descendants of the GU272 and Georgetown students.

This project is supported by a grant from the Fund for Investigative Journalism and fundraising through SaxaFund.

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