@GRLAGEORGETOWN / INSTAGRAM | Even though the way a company sells its products differs, they all chase the fundamental principle of offering a curated and exclusive lifestyle.

Luxury Brands Sell Expensive Stories to Younger Markets

Walking down Georgetown’s busy M Street, tourists and residents alike ogle and peruse the countless high-end stores that dot the street and purchase anything from Chanel makeup to Michael Kors handbags. These luxury stores found throughout the neighborhood encapsulate modern luxury retail culture — a lifestyle filled with decadence and[Read More…]

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Bullet Journals Highlight the Aesthetics of Study Culture

Bullet Journals Highlight the Aesthetics of Study Culture

The practice of crafting beautiful, meticulous notes and planners gained widespread traction online over the past five years, especially on online blogging platforms like Tumblr and Pinterest. Bullet journaling serves as a method of organization, and its inherently adaptable nature presents ample opportunities for personal, creative agendas that document more[Read More…]

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Kathryn Baker

NOVEL IDEAS: Understanding a Breakup Through Poetry

It is impossible to be prepared for a breakup. You can seek advice from your friends or family and think about the words over and over again, but nothing prepares you for the aftermath of an ended relationship. You can run through all the postbreakup steps outlined in romantic comedies[Read More…]

UNSOLICITED ADVICE: Accomplish Your Goals by Baking Cookies

UNSOLICITED ADVICE: Accomplish Your Goals by Baking Cookies

I have a very specific ritual when I bake at home. I wear my long overalls that make me look like a farmer and my fuzzy socks that slide on the hardwood when I dance around. I always play my “vintage” playlist, which features a lot of Billy Joel, Prince[Read More…]



Last year, my roommate bought a book that sat unread on our cluttered shelf. It’s one of those self-help books, “Do What Feels Good: Recipes, Remedies and Routines To Treat Your Body Right” by Hannah Bronfman, with a picture on the cover of a gorgeous woman with a wide, toothy[Read More…]

LADAWNA HOWARD/FACEBOOK | Psychics have a strong presence in the Georgetown area, with several shops just a short walk away on both Wisconsin Avenue and M Street. The shops offer services from tarot card readings to communicating with departed loved ones.

Georgetown Psychics Offer Guidance, Entertainment

Just beyond the front gates, Georgetown University students come across several psychic shops on neighboring Wisconsin Avenue and M Street. Within 3 miles of the Hilltop, students can find 12 locations for tarot card readings, palmistry and promises of connecting with those who have passed away. From fortune tellers and[Read More…]

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Alexandra Brunjes/The Hoya | After garnering a following of over 800,000, Calloway decided she wanted to share life lessons from moments like the collapse of her book deal with her fans. So strong is her influence that her fans were willing to pay $165 for her spur-of-the-moment workshop world tour. Yet Calloway’s tour seems to have turned into another messy situation.

Instagram Influencer Embarks on Tumultuous Tour

As a blizzard swept through Washington, D.C., on Jan. 13, magic was brewing inside a bright, plant-filled event space in Georgetown: Instagram influencer Caroline Calloway was leading her creativity workshop, the second in an inaugural tour she had planned to host this spring. With Instagram’s growth as platform, the people[Read More…]

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Self-Expression Inspires Georgetown Fashion Trends

Red Square passersby are immediately struck by the wave of Georgetown students’ messages supporting or denouncing various causes scrawled across bricks and posted above their heads. Yet another, more subtle form of self-expression can be found by looking at the students themselves. A student’s wardrobe can reflect their background or[Read More…]

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HIGHLIGHT REEL: Independent Film Theaters in Limbo as the District Evolves

Passing by the CVS Pharmacy on M Street, visitors to the Georgetown neighborhood might never guess that intrepid students could visit the same building and catch screenings of avant-garde dramas or racy adult films in the 1980s. Yet the area used to be home to a variety of independent film[Read More…]


Cafe Diem: How Coffee Shops Are Seizing the District

Rushed Metro riders can be seen tightly gripping thermoses as they ride the morning rails. Young professionals keep a row of eclectic mugs perched on their desks — just in case. Students carry their iced or hot beverages to and from their morning, afternoon and evening classes. Lately, it seems[Read More…]

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