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EDITORIAL: Develop Ethnic Studies Programs

Georgetown University’s curriculum does not reflect the academic demands of its underrepresented communities. Ethnic studies programs empower students to learn more about their own cultures and the cultures of other people. The university has recognized the value of these programs in the past, evidenced by the introduction of an African-American[Read More…]

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Make Audits Public

A recent external review audit has revealed grave shortcomings within Georgetown’s Academic Resource Center, a tutoring and consultation service available to undergraduate and graduate students. According to the full report, which was leaked to The Hoya, conducted by academic professionals in October 2015 and submitted to campus administrators in January,[Read More…]

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Costly Curves

As midterm grades roll in and students commence the push toward final examinations, it is not uncommon to see students from the different schools within Georgetown University engage in lively debates about grading curves. Several academic departments — from the government to economics departments in the College, as well as[Read More…]

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For A More Effective Abortion Debate

For A More Effective Abortion Debate

I remember a time when one of my friends asked me why Christians are against abortion. She thought that there was some random doctrine (maybe the Bible said something about it) that prohibited abortion, rather than any sensible attachment to reason. Unfortunately, the abortion debate is plagued with such misunderstandings.[Read More…]

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Megan Schmidt

Boycott Brings Only Silence

Over the course of history, boycotts have been powerful instruments in catalyzing social change. Individuals and institutions have wielded such measures to dramatically express their disagreement with certain policies or practices. But dramatics in the university sphere are not frequently the most productive way to rectify a situation, as the[Read More…]

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In Defense of Hip-Hop

To the Editor: Re: “Hip-Hop Unworthy of Academia” Since when has vulgarity been a valid indicator of cultural insignificance, and at what point did we decide that academia’s scope of study should be limited to the sterile? Author Jerry D. Rassias posits that hip-hop is “immoral” and should be viewed[Read More…]

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Reading Into Academics

It is a curious phenomenon that at one of the most intellectually rigorous universities in the country, reading doesn’t count for much. Understandably, in the flurry of midterms, papers and extracurricular activities, assigned readings often get pushed to the bottom of many students’ to-do lists. But considering that much of[Read More…]

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An Education

I t’s Monday morning, and Zach Ashenfarb (COL ’15) is sitting in a too-small chair in a classroom at Beers Elementary School in Anacostia. Across from him sits Robert, a third grader struggling to complete a worksheet on adjectives. “He couldn’t even read the instructions, so it was very stressful,”[Read More…]

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