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KAPASI: An Effort to Understand Kurt Cobain

KAPASI: An Effort to Understand Kurt Cobain

On April 5, 1994, musical sensation Kurt Cobain committed suicide. Lead singer of Nirvana, Cobain is considered one of the voices of his generation — he is remembered for being a reluctant rock star, a tortured genius and a heroin addict. To this day, he represents the sad contradiction of[Read More…]

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Making Your Story Known and Finding Help in the Process

I’ve had depression since I was 12. I used to be afraid of people finding out, so I kept track of who knew and tried to keep it quiet. I remember feeling angry when my parents told my extended family that I was experiencing severe suicidal thoughts. I was angry[Read More…]

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Promote Awareness, One Story at a Time

Promote Awareness, One Story at a Time

In my freshman year, I had no real understanding of mental health. Mental health issues were still a distant concept to me then, and to be honest, as much as I hate to admit it, I thought I was stronger than the people who struggled with them. Psychologists estimate that[Read More…]

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Next Stop: Up

I had just graduated from a prestigious high school at the top of my class. A few months later, I would be coming to Georgetown University, another competitive, selective and prestigious school. I thought I knew it all. I thought I found love. I thought I had this whole life[Read More…]

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Depression for Freshmen Peaks Nationally

An increased amount of college freshmen reported feelings of depression in 2014, according to a study released Feb. 5 by the University of California in Los Angeles. The Cooperative Research Program at UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute surveyed more than 150,000 students at 343 four-year colleges and universities as part[Read More…]

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Destigmatizing Depression

Destigmatizing Depression

“No, I can’t be depressed. I’m not some psycho,” I remember telling myself once. For two-and a-half years I had felt this way. I went on with my life just telling myself I was in the wrong place, and ignored the very fact that I was suffering from depression. It[Read More…]

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The Questionable Romance of Death

Robin Williams’ death earlier this month has struck fans across the world like a blunt club. As tributes multiplied in the subsequent media frenzy, one tweet in particular from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has been called “heartbreaking” and “perfect” on viral sites. “Genie, you’re free,” it[Read More…]

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An Undue Silence About Mental Health

An Undue Silence About Mental Health

We all have doubts. We doubt our choices, our abilities and our goals. Rational, healthy feelings of doubt can be used constructively to identify and confront any challenge, but there is also the debilitating, paralyzing doubt that can obliterate initiative upon conception, which is the doubt that dominated my life[Read More…]

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The Lonely Path

The Lonely Path

Ben Perotin (COL ’14) was depressed for four months before he realized something was wrong. “I had an extremely lowered mood, lack of appetite, hopelessness, suicidal ideation [and was] completely withdrawing socially,” he says, speaking with a sort of clinical precision. He taps his fingers on the desk as he enumerates each[Read More…]

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Study Evaluates Student Depression

Depression may not be widely acknowledge at Georgetown, but it is widely felt, according to a presentation given Friday by Tyler White (COL ’14) on the results of his semester-long research project studying depression in college students. White said the number of Georgetown students suffering from the disorder is on[Read More…]

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