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The Palin Prototype

The Palin Prototype

“I grew up castrating hogs on an Iowa farm,” senatorial candidate Joni Ernst announces proudly as she advances toward the camera in one of her recent campaign ads. If that weren’t direct enough, the rest of the ad includes a grisly one-liner about cutting pork in Washington, as well as[Read More…]

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Why We Won’t Endorse a Candidate for GUSA

Last Wednesday night, election banners were unfurled, videos were released and — like clockwork — the GUSA campaign season was underway once again. Though we don’t miss the late nights and sore knuckles from door knocking, it is hard not to think back to our own experience as candidates, and[Read More…]

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FUNT: Candidates: Spare Us the Circus

FUNT: Candidates: Spare Us the Circus

During GUSA election season on Hilltop Farm, sometimes it’s hard to tell pigs and humans apart. For students who once hungered to pursue public office, the stench of sausage-making inside the Beltway is not what’s so unappetizing, but rather, it’s the road required to get there. “Had every Athenian citizen[Read More…]

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GUSA Vice Speaker Sam Greco (SFS ’15), right, lost his bid for speaker Sunday in an unexpected election whose validity is under question.

Speaker Slot Prompts Rare Battle

A routine election for GUSA senate speaker drew the ire of the GUSA Election Commission on Sunday, when GUSASenator Emily Siegler (SFS ’14) defeated Vice Speaker Sam Greco (SFS ’15) and two other candidates. Greco had failed to receive a majority in a confirmation vote to rise from vice speaker to speaker, drawing 13 no’s, nine yes’s and two[Read More…]

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Musgrave Nabs SAC Chair

Student Activities Commission Marketing and Public Relations Director Patrick Musgrave (COL ’16) was elected SAC Chair by a 14-vote margin Thursday. Musgrave was elected in a second round of voting after an inconclusive first round, in which some groups voting more than once, forced the Georgetown University Student Association Election[Read More…]

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The Future of the GOP: Christie or Cuccinelli

Last week, New Jersey’s incumbent governor, Republican Chris Christie, swamped his Democratic opponent Barbara Buono by a 21-point margin. Virginia’s Republican candidate for governor, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, was edged by Democrat Terry McAuliffe 48 to 45.5 percent. These statistics may broadly tell the story of those 2013 gubernatorial elections, but the numbers 306 and[Read More…]

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Moderation Proves Key to Victory in Virginia

Moderation Proves Key to Victory in Virginia

With less than a week before elections, it appears that Virginia choose Terry McAuliffe as its next executive, putting an Democrat back in the state house. As the “first friend” of President Clinton, the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee and now a start-up executive, McAuliffe is the epitome of a wheeler-dealer. His[Read More…]

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Socioeconomics Next for GUSA

The Georgetown University Student Association is forming a Socioeconomic Working Group, which GUSA President Nate Tisa (SFS ’14) and Vice President Adam Ramadan (SFS ’14) promised to do during their election campaign in March. The committee, led by GUSA Secretary of Social Justice Brittney Blakely (COL ’14), is aiming to[Read More…]

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Academic Councils Transition

As the academic year draws to a close, students are in the process of electing their respective schools’ academic council representatives for next year. Though Georgetown College’s elections are ongoing through Monday, the School of Foreign Service, McDonough School of Business and School of Nursing & Health Studies elected representatives[Read More…]

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Walsh & Silverstein

Walsh & Silverstein

As the only ticket without prior GUSA experience, Spencer Walsh (MSB ’14) and Rob Silverstein (SFS ’14) are confident that their fresh perspectives could be an asset to the university community. “People in GUSA in general work very hard, but they tend to be very narrowly focused on GUSA. We come from a different background with no GUSA experience,[Read More…]

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