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Love Saxa Funding, Status Remain Uncertain After Vote Postponed

The fate of student group Love Saxa’s funding and status as a university-recognized club remains uncertain after a meeting of the Student Activities Commission ended without a vote early Tuesday morning. The committee heard the complaint of two students opposed to Love Saxa, who argued that the university should not[Read More…]

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How Sweet The Sound

How Sweet The Sound

Barack Obama’s presidency has had no shortage of hard knocks. An obstinate and childish Congress, very public and embarrassing fumbles (especially of the foreign affairs variety), and a critical and unforgiving media have often left the president looking haggard, defeated and hopeless. His meteoric campaigns and explosive early speeches and[Read More…]

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Georgetown students gathered outside of the Supreme Court this morning to celebrate the legalization of gay marriage.

Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage Nationwide

The Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide this morning in a 5-4 ruling. Thousands of supporters, including Georgetown students, celebrated the ruling outside the Supreme Court for hours after the decision was announced at around 10 a.m. Justice Anthony Kennedy authored the majority opinion. “It would misunderstand these men and[Read More…]

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CHOLVIN & CHRISTIANSEN: Pluralism Still Essential Amid Gay Marriage Victories

CHOLVIN & CHRISTIANSEN: Pluralism Still Essential Amid Gay Marriage Victories

Between the time we’ve finished this column and the time this article goes to press Tuesday morning, it’s entirely likely that several more completely improbable states will have been added to the list of places you can get married to the same sex. Few at Georgetown — or at least[Read More…]

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Gay Marriage Ban Lifted in 5 States

The Supreme Court declined review on the three cases contesting same-sex marriage Monday, thus deferring to the decisions of the lower circuit courts and clearing the way for legalization of gay marriage. Now legalized in Virginia, Utah, Indiana, Wisconsin and Oklahoma, same-sex marriage is currently permitted in 30 states in[Read More…]

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Va. Overturns Marriage Ban

Virginia made waves last Thursday when U.S. District Judge Arenda L. Wright Allen overturned the state’s 2006 ban on same-sex marriage, making Virginia the first southern state to take such a strong pro-gay marriage stance. Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and law professor Nan Hunter credited the same-sex marriage movement’s[Read More…]

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Intolerance Disguised as Discussion

Intolerance Disguised as Discussion

At the end of Love Saxa’s lecture, “Marriage: A Social Justice Issue?” last week Director of Adult Faith Formation Ennio Mastroianni argued for the value of bringing Ryan Anderson — who wrote a book opposing same-sex marriage — to campus. “I think that we can all agree that Ryan made[Read More…]

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GU College Republicans Silent on Marriage

Though the College Republicans at the University of Pennsylvania have declared support for same-sex marriage along with at least 50 Democratic and Republican student groups nationwide, the Georgetown University College Republicans remain silent on the issue. “Same-sex marriage is an issue on which people of good will can and do[Read More…]

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MILLER: Time to Rethink Guns, Gays, Gestation

MILLER: Time to Rethink Guns, Gays, Gestation

I identify as a Republican, but that doesn’t mean I won’t call my party out when I disagree with it. In fact, I’ll be the first one to say that the GOP is downright wrong about its approach to three issues: guns, gays and gestation. Let’s start with guns. The[Read More…]

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GU Pride Celebrates as D.C. Grants First Gay Marriage Licenses

Rain or shine, GU Pride members knew they had reason to celebrate early Wednesday morning. As many same-sex couples prepared to line up at D.C. Superior Court, Georgetown students like J.C. Hodges (SFS ’11) were fresh off of a late-night baking spree to commemorate the first day of same-sex marriage[Read More…]

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