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TESTING TRUISMS: Is Productive Procrastination an Oxymoron?

TESTING TRUISMS: Is Productive Procrastination an Oxymoron?

Location: Lauinger Library at 3 a.m. You squint at your computer screen and punch out a few more words on the keyboard. You lost your ability to write coherently a long time ago; now you’re just trying to reach the essay’s required word count and print it before your class[Read More…]

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BOBROSKE: Redefining Failure At Home and Abroad

BOBROSKE: Redefining Failure At Home and Abroad

I waltzed into the academic office, sifted through the stack of China-Africa relations papers and confidentially picked up my own before checking my grade. 52 percent. Once upon a time I was high school valedictorian, and now here I was, sitting two percentage points above the failure mark on a[Read More…]

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Pick Out The Good In All The Bad

Pick Out The Good In All The Bad

“Florida State University College of Arts and Sciences has conferred upon Kiara Leanne Touros the degree of Bachelor of Science Biological Sciences with all rights, honors and privileges blah, blah, blah, etc., etc.”   It hangs in my sister’s room, which looks more like a storage closet than anything at[Read More…]

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Beyond the Type A Personality

I think I’ve had such a hard time adjusting to Georgetown because I used to be “that” girl: wrapped up in doing everything, trying to be the best, getting perfect grades, running around chasing after this transparent dream of success and this idea of being the model Type A figure. [Read More…]

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A Point for Grading Clarity

Nothing is more frustrating to a motivated student than teetering on the cusp of a higher grade. As some students claim, it’s almost more painful to earn a 89.5 percent than to earn a 85 percent. Especially in disciplines like English, history and philosophy — in which participation is a[Read More…]

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An Appropriate Audit

On the first day of class it is common for teachers to tell students that participation will account for a large portion of their grade. Because this assessment is often based on a teacher’s subjective observations, it is only fair that students have access to the grade associated with this[Read More…]

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A Learning Curve for TAs

A Learning Curve for TAs

For many upperclassmen, serving as a teaching assistant provides a fresh perspective on the classroom. Unlike graduate students, who are often required to be a TA as part of their research or fellowship, undergraduate students choose the position themselves. “I love it actually; it’s like one of my favorite things.[Read More…]

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Average Cum Laude

While grades should not overshadow the more meaningful goals of higher education, few would question their significance as a reflection of student effort and achievement. Grades are like currency, and grade inflation cheapens the accomplishment associated with an impressive GPA. This GPA problem is effectively illustrated in the awarding of[Read More…]

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GU Allows for Grade Appeals

For students who are unsatisfied with their final grades, Georgetown offers a more productive alternative to writing an angry post on The university’s grade appeal system allows students to dispute a questionable grade within 30 calendar days of the first semester after the grade was assigned. To appeal a[Read More…]

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Straighten Out the MSB Curve

If the McDonough School of Business’ aim is to educate students to be among the most competitive in the nation and more attractive to potential employers, its grading policy does a poor job of furthering that goal. While MSB students may be appealing to prospective hires once they graduate, the[Read More…]

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