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The university is considering requiring students to purchase a meal plan for three years, an extension of the current two-year mandate.

Required 3-Year Leo’s on Table

By Katherine Richardson October 10, 2014

The university is considering implementing a third-year meal plan requirement, according to a press release issued by the Georgetown University Student Association on Wednesday. The announcement was...

A Capitol Idea for GUTS

By The Editorial Board April 4, 2014

If there’s one place Georgetown students can be counted on to intern every semester, it’s Congress. With this trend in mind, the university has added a new Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle...

GU officials are considering adding a GUTS stop from Capitol Hill to the GU Law Center in response to student support.

New Capitol Hill GUTS Stop Moves Forward

By Ryan Thomas April 1, 2014

Prompted by wide student support, university officials are considering implementing a new Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle bus stop from Capitol Hill to the Georgetown University Law Center. Anebi...

IdeaScale Usage Varies Across Departments

By Madison Ashley September 10, 2013

In the past year, students have steadily posted their ideas and concerns on Georgetown Ideas, a web platform for community suggestions run through IdeaScale, but use across departments has been inconsistent. The...

RA Benefits Come at Cost of Financial Aid

By Mallika Sen February 22, 2013

For students who become resident assistants, the free room and partial board and meal stipends are attractive perks. Yet these perks can come with a price tag, as RA benefits are deducted from the aid...

IdeaScale Realizing Potential

By Michael Crouch and Tyler Sax September 25, 2012

Although we are far from perfecting the use of IdeaScale, it is easy to imagine a future where we don’t know what we ever did without it. IdeaScale, Georgetown’s online platform for students to...

Majority of IdeaScale Posts Await Action

By Meghan Patzer September 18, 2012

GUSA and university administrators are in the process of addressing some of the 120 recommendations that have been made on Georgetown’s IdeaScale, an online forum for student feedback. Launched...

IdeaScale Not Yet Ideal

By The Editorial Board September 18, 2012

My Georgetown Idea, an online discussion board run through IdeaScale, has shown that it can be an effective platform for proposing improvements to the university. But while these conversations are fodder...

GU Launches Feedback Forum Site

By Annie Chen February 23, 2012

Hoya Ideas Community, a student- driven online platform soliciting suggestions for the university, will debut Tuesday. The Georgetown-specific forum is hosted by IdeaScale, a program that allows interactive...

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