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Music critic Anthony Fontana talked about the future of music promotion and its links to internet meme culture in a Jan. 25 event.

Music Critic: Memes Are the ‘Future of Music Promotion’

Memes are the future of the music promotion business because they help connect artists with their fans, American professional music critic Anthony Fantano said at an event hosted by the Georgetown University Lecture Fund on Jan. 25. Fantano, who calls himself “the internet’s busiest music nerd,” launched his music vlog[Read More…]

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Co-inventor of the internet, Vinton Cerf talked about the importance of always being curious and maintaining a motivation to constantly innovate as of the main driver’s behind his current life’s work.

Internet Co-Inventor Discusses Life and Career

The National Science and Technology Medals Foundation hosted co-inventor of the internet Vinton Cerf for a discussion on his career, inspirations and the creation of the internet in the Bioethics Research Library on March 27. Cerf, along with colleague Bob Kahn, invented the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol that provided the[Read More…]

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Chief Information Officer Judd Nicholson previously worked for the U.S. Marshals Service as deputy CIO before coming to work at Georgetown.

Q&A: Judd Nicholson Promotes Technology’s Role on Campus

Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer at Georgetown Judd Nicholson talked with The Hoya about his background, current University Information Services projects and technology issues relevant to students on campus. Can you introduce yourself and give us some information on your background and experiences that you bring[Read More…]

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UIS Rolls Out Wireless Network

UIS Rolls Out Wireless Network

Georgetown University Information Services launched GURegistered, a new pilot wireless network, which allows residents to connect devices that do not support secure protocols, in conjunction with the Georgetown University Student Association on Feb. 9. The network’s establishment comes at the heels of December’s announcement of a five-year, $27.5 million UIS-led[Read More…]

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Upgrade UIS Policy

Students and faculty experienced a near — 24-hour period of intermittent outages on Georgetown’s main — campus wireless networks SaxaNet, GuestNet and EduRoam last Thursday. Many students experienced delays in email communication, submitting Blackboard assignments and conducting internet-dependent research. For the majority of students and faculty, such difficulties were only[Read More…]

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CIANI-DAUSCH: The Business of Processing Knowledge

CIANI-DAUSCH: The Business of Processing Knowledge

“We’ve always skimmed newspapers more than we’ve read them and we routinely run our eyes over books and magazines in order to get the gist of a piece of writing to decide whether it warrants more thorough reading. The ability to skim text is every bit as important as the[Read More…]

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Electrical Storm Causes Power, Internet Outages

A lighting storm left university buildings without power and students without Wi-Fi connectivity throughout much of campus Monday night. According to Vice President for Planning and Facilities Management Robin Morey, power outages and Wi-Fi failure occurred in the Rafik B. Hariri Business School Building, Darnall Hall, sections of Leavey Center[Read More…]

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Sluggish Internet Caused by Broken Network Circuit

A broken network circuit caused sluggish, sporadic Internet connections and Google Apps outages on campus accounts Wednesday through Friday. University Information Services is still investigating the cause of the network circuit malfunction, but reportedly fixed the problem by switching to another circuit. “A circuit is the network path that your[Read More…]

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MONOD: New Age of Cyber Politics

MONOD: New Age of Cyber Politics

The clock reads 1 a.m. I am sitting at my desk, blearily bathed in the glow of my MacBook. I am not studying for a test, nor am I trying to finish a paper; I am instead binging on Netflix’s new series “House of Cards.” Based off of a BBC[Read More…]

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GU Makes Full Switch to SaxaNet

The university will convert its wireless coverage entirely to SaxaNet and GuestNet by Nov. 14, at which time the unsecured HOYAS network will be removed from all access points on campus. The change was announced in a broadcast email sent from University Information Services Associate Director William Anderson Friday night. Chief Information Officer Lisa Davis cited[Read More…]

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