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ALLISON HERR FOR THE HOYA | Students said their advocacy is limited by the few opportunities to speak with university dining workers without their managers present.

Students Advocate for Workers Amid Contract Renegotiations

Workers rights student activists expressed grievances of low wages on behalf of Georgetown food service workers at a Feb 14. open forum about ongoing labor contract negotiations. Georgetown food service workers at O’Donovan Hall, Leavey Court and Einstein’s Bagels in Car Barn are represented by the Washington, D.C. branch of[Read More…]

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Adjunct professors were presented a tentative agreement reached by SEIU Local 500 and Georgetown University.

University Presents Adjuncts’ Union with Final Proposal

Negotiations for a new collective bargaining contract between Georgetown and more than 1,000 adjunct professors concluded Oct. 31 with a final proposal to be voted on by union members, following five months of discussions. The university presented a final offer Tuesday to the six-person bargaining team, which includes two union[Read More…]

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Home caregivers, fast food workers and adjunct faculty work all in multibillion-dollar industries yet struggle for livable wages and fair labor practices. Artists are no exception. The arts are affected by the vulnerability, instability and elitism in the economy as defined and measured by current econometrics. Artists must often work[Read More…]

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Panelists Promote Intersection of Scholarship and Activism

Students can use academic research to promote the interests of marginalized groups and the working poor, according to panelists at the “Work, Organize, Struggle: Student Perspectives” conference hosted in Pedro Arrupe, S.J. Hall on April 24. “Scholarship can intersect with activism,” Director of African and African American Studies Program at[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Nike Negotiation Calls for Collaboration, Not Confrontation

Since late 2015, Georgetown students have urged University President John J. DeGioia to cut ties with Nike if the company refuses to sign the university’s Licensee Code of Conduct. That protest culminated earlier today with 17 members of workers’ rights advocacy group Georgetown Solidarity Committee staging a sit-in at the[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Fair Treatment for Workers

On a campus that seeks to promote values of care and service, allegations of a poor working environment for university staff are alarming. In a welcome effort to improve the working conditions for university staff, a new contract seeking a 5 percent raise for Georgetown’s facilities workers is currently being[Read More…]

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Costs of Unpaid Work

One of the great attributes of Georgetown is its proximity to Washington, D.C., a city filled with diversity and opportunity. Many students find employment opportunities over the summer in forms of internships with consulting firms, U.S. senators and nonprofits to name a few, before returning to campus for full-time academic[Read More…]

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Labor Rights: A Consumer Issue

As I sit in the back of my macroeconomics class, I behold a sea of illuminated laptop screens. Each screen has the same image: rows and rows of clothes. I see my classmates mindlessly clicking and dragging each item of clothing into the electronic shopping basket. It is hard not[Read More…]

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A Profitable Solution To Sweatshop Labor

For decades, the worldwide apparel industry has been dominated by a world of oppressive factories and management taking advantage of their employees. In an effort to keep factory costs low and company profits high, sweatshop laborers work long hours for mere pocket change, receive little (if any) benefits and spend[Read More…]

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The Players’ Union

When the National Labor Relations Board ruled that Northwestern University football players could be considered university employees if they were on scholarship, schools across the country began anticipating possible ramifications for their own athletes. As it currently stands, colleges are poised to make enormous profits from the efforts of student-athletes,[Read More…]

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