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JEONG: The Music on My Playlist

1. “Piñata” — Freddie Gibbs (Ft. Domo Genesis, G-Wiz, Casey Veggies, Sulaiman, Meechy Darko and Mac Miller) There is no doubt Indiana-born rapper Freddie Gibbs can hold his own on a track, but he is best known for his songs featuring other hip-hop artists. “Piñata,” the title track from his 2014 album, may[Read More…]

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ANDINO: Top Hits From Latin Music Royalty

ANDINO: Top Hits From Latin Music Royalty

“La Negra Tiene Tumbao” – Celia Cruz The direct translation of “La Negra Tiene Tumbao” is “the black woman has swagger,” and Celia Cruz embodied this title, proving that she was the “queen of salsa.” Cruz was not just a talented musical artist but an inspiring figure as well. She[Read More…]


CELENZA: What’s on My Playlist

Duke Ellington’s adaptation of “Rhapsody in Blue” – The Duke Ellington Orchestra Like a lot of music fans, my playlist is constantly in flux — but this recording from 1962 is always in the mix. When George Gershwin originally composed “Rhapsody in Blue” in 1924, he combined European classical music[Read More…]

BOLAS: What’s on My Playlist

1. “So Much More Than This” by Grace Vanderwaal Performed and written by Grace VanderWaal, “So Much More Than This” was released as a single Sept. 15 and is quickly gaining steam on the pop charts. As catchy as the tune is, the voice behind it is even more impressive:[Read More…]

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GARZILLO: The Music on My Playlist

GARZILLO: The Music on My Playlist

1. “On My Mind” – Jorja Smith & Preditah Preditah is a Birmingham, England-based producer best known for his work with hard-hitting grime heavyweights like Skepta and Wiley. He takes a different approach on the U.K. garage-inspired “On My Mind,” his recently released collaboration with singer Jorja Smith. Over a[Read More…]

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A Beginner’s Guide to the World of Radiohead

Attending Bonnaroo this past summer was one of the most influential experiences I’ve ever had. Going into the whole thing, I was only truly familiar with a few of the bands set to perform. The friends with me didn’t really know much either, so I decided to make a serious attempt to[Read More…]

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Soundtrack to Success: Your New Study Playlist

You’re sitting in a study carrel in Lau, seemingly isolated from the world around you. The buzz of the florescent lights almost overpowers the frantic typing of your fellow miserable comrades. Pretty sure that the enticingly aromatic eau de Leo’s stench is still on you from dinner, you can’t remember[Read More…]

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Songs of the Summer

These summer songs will set whatever mood you’re looking for whether you’re working hard at an internship or hardly working on the beach. “Princess of China” Coldplay feat. Rihanna Coldplay’s newest album, Mylo Xyloto, has already made a huge mark on both the airwaves and music charts. This summer, listen[Read More…]

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The Finals Countdown

When you read this headline, did you think that this column was going to be about ’80s music? Did you envision nodding your head as I reminded you of lost gems such as “She’s a Beauty” by The Tubes and ruthlessly mocked David Bowie’s “Fashion”? If you did, I’m sorry; you should[Read More…]

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