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A Level Paying Field

While scoring a first internship has become a valuable benchmark moment for college students, for some, financial concerns have kept opportunities out of reach. Fortunately, however, the financial limitations that burden some applicants’ access to these coveted positions seem to be lifting. The effects of this development are heartening, and[Read More…]

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Grappling With Class: An Unspoken Divide

Grappling With Class: An Unspoken Divide

For T’Keel Petersen (MSB ’12), seizing every opportunity at Georgetown has not come easily. To study abroad at Oxford University the summer after his sophomore year, Petersen was forced to weave together a patchwork of grants and contributions from extended family; the financial aid package that makes his enrollment at Georgetown possible did[Read More…]

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A Deeper Diversity

For most of its history, the majority of American higher education has been segregated by law or custom on the basis of gender, religion, national origin or race and ethnicity.  The reason is simple: Americans on the whole have never believed that everyone should be educated. This is true even[Read More…]

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