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Destigmatizing Depression

Destigmatizing Depression

“No, I can’t be depressed. I’m not some psycho,” I remember telling myself once. For two-and a-half years I had felt this way. I went on with my life just telling myself I was in the wrong place, and ignored the very fact that I was suffering from depression. It[Read More…]

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Janet Zhu

Finding Success, Keeping My Sanity

  I remember the first time I visited Georgetown. It was the summer before my senior year of high school, and the campus was flooded with the incoming Class of 2014. There was so much life and excitement; balloons, music and cheers surrounded me as I walked through the iron[Read More…]

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FOLEY: Despite All Our What-Ifs

FOLEY: Despite All Our What-Ifs

I am so tired. I’m stressed out, so I’m not sleeping well. I have the usual workload, plus the extra load from the snow. I am worried about hearing back from graduate school, how I’ll perform in classes, how I’ll meet my extracurricular commitments and how I’ll do all of[Read More…]

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To Take Stress Off Its Pedestal, Find Personal Time

Healthy Hoya By Kylie Mohr   Published: Friday, November 8, 2013 Updated: Wednesday, November 6, 2013 22:11 Do you really have time to read this article? Think about it. Shouldn’t you be writing a paper, dropping by office hours, rushing to a meeting or filling out internship applications? Aren’t you busy? Our culture[Read More…]

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A Midterm Monopoly

A Midterm Monopoly

Basketball season, holiday season and the beginning of spring are among the best times of year on campus. But there’s another, arguably more influential season that dominates the Hilltop for more than its fair share of time: midterm season. It begins only several weeks into the semester and drags on,[Read More…]

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Work Hard, Play Hard(er)?

I read somewhere that the average college student’s stress level is comparable to that of a mental patient in the 1800s. And as Georgetown students, we probably exceed standard amounts of such stress and anxiety tenfold. Our school is in the heart of the nation. Students aspire to become CEOs, politicians,[Read More…]

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The Lonely Path

The Lonely Path

Ben Perotin (COL ’14) was depressed for four months before he realized something was wrong. “I had an extremely lowered mood, lack of appetite, hopelessness, suicidal ideation [and was] completely withdrawing socially,” he says, speaking with a sort of clinical precision. He taps his fingers on the desk as he enumerates each[Read More…]

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Midterm Mantra: Socks, Food and ‘Doctor Who’

Fall is a weird time of year here at Georgetown. The weather gods can’t quite decide if it’s autumn or not, Columbus Day has come and gone and the stress of midterms has even the most balanced and level-headed students twitching over their Red Eye in the Lau cubes at[Read More…]

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Solving the Stress of Tests

There is a palpable point where school-related stress ceases to be a necessary part of the learning process and becomes an impediment to it. The university has implemented simple but effective remedies to assist overworked students during final exams, and as midterm season approaches such safeguards appear equally appropriate. Final[Read More…]

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Stressed Out: Fall Break Needed for GU’s Health

I’m tired. It’s halfway through the semester, and I’ve had about enough. I get irritated at the sight of the cursor in Microsoft Word. Without coffee, I’m almost unapproachable. I’ve even begun calling my mother just to say, “Hi.” Meanwhile, my friends at other universities tweet about how well-rested they[Read More…]

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