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Lessons Learned At GUASFCU

Lessons Learned At GUASFCU

Now that I’m ending my final fall semester as a senior, underclassmen often ask me if there is anything I’d change about my experience. Would you have been involved in something else? Would you have taken different classes? What is your biggest regret? Some of the bolder ones ask me,[Read More…]

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A Missed Chance to ReImagine RIG

“If you could bring change to Georgetown’s campus, what would you do?” This was the bold call with which ReImagine Georgetown used to attract applications from students, faculty and staff. Each year since 2007, Students of Georgetown Inc., the Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union and The Hoya united to[Read More…]

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ReImagine Georgetown Discontinued

ReImagine Georgetown Discontinued

Five years after the founding of ReImagine Georgetown, GUASFCU, The Corp and The Hoya have agreed to discontinue the program. Created in 2007 as a way to fund student-run initiatives, RIG has encountered problems in following through on its grants. Last year, organizers cut funds to inactive projects for the[Read More…]

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Competitive Selections Not Just for Corp, GUASFCU

As fall club recruitment season comes to an end, long-established organizations like Blue and Gray, The Corp and GUASFCU are not the only groups on campus that faced difficult hiring decisions. Fast-growing student groups have experienced a surge of interest, becoming increasingly competitive to join. Blue and Gray, the tour[Read More…]

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More Clubs Than Meet the Eye

It is easy for incoming freshmen to be overwhelmed by the hype surrounding a few high-profile student groups and then quickly disheartened by a generic email rejection. The challenge many underclassmen and even upperclassmen face when trying to find their niche on campus stems not only from a battery of[Read More…]

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New Leaders for Corp, GUASFCU

The new leaders of Georgetown’s two largest student-run companies, Students of Georgetown Inc. and the Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union, will begin their terms today. Both Lizzy MacGill (COL ’14), who was selected as the next CEO of The Corp, and Chris Kelly (COL ’14), the new CEO of GUASFCU, list[Read More…]

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Credit Union Installs New ATM in Walsh

Credit Union Installs New ATM in Walsh

The Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union opened a new ATM in the Edmund A. Walsh Building lobby, adding accessibility and convenience for credit union cardholders who live on East Campus. GUASFCU CEO Nikhil Lakhanpal (MSB ’13) said he hoped this new ATM location would both increase GUASFCU’scampus presence and help students. “[That[Read More…]

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RIG Reexamines Impact

Of the 13 initiatives that have won ReImagine Georgetown grants in the last five years, eight are still thriving. But funding for some inactive projects have been cut for the first time, and organizers are searching for ways to increase the program’s impact. RIG, an annual contest that awards grants[Read More…]

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ReImagine Georgetown Grant Program Sees Fewer Applications

The ReImagine Georgetown Grant program received 14 applications this year, four fewer than last year’s total. According to Ryan Muldoon (COL ’13), chair of the philanthropy committee of Students of Georgetown, Inc. and RIG board member, those on the board struggled to effectively advertise and encourage applications. “We already have a lot on our[Read More…]

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Female Leadership Sees Upswing

For some women on campus, the inauguration of Clara Gustafson (SFS ’13) and Vail Kohnert-Yount (SFS ’13) as the GUSA executive signaled a new era of student leadership at Georgetown. Gustafson and Kohnert-Yount comprise the first all-female ticket to be elected to lead the Georgetown University Student Association. Women have recently made strides in campus leadership, but statistically,[Read More…]

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