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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

By Izzy Roemer and Izzy Roemer August 22, 2018

The trees on Prospect Street are starting to change color. The NSO horde has descended upon campus, tasked with welcoming over a thousand new students. Jack the Bulldog is on his way home from a restful...


Hazmat Units Respond to Chemical Fire in Regents Laboratory

By Jeff Cirillo November 17, 2017

Emergency, fire and hazmat units responded to a chemical fire in a Regents Hall science laboratory Friday evening. The fire involved a "small amount of a chemical" and occurred in a "controlled...

The university plans to install solar panels on six academic buildings by 2018 after the project was delayed.

After Delays, University to Install Solar Panels on 6 Buildings by 2018

By Sarah Wright October 12, 2017

Solar panels are set to be installed on the roofs of six buildings on Georgetown University’s main campus by summer 2018 as part of a campuswide effort to reduce energy costs, promote sustainability...

A Choice to Conserve Beyond Water Week

By Olivia Hinerfeld, Meredith Cheney, and Makaiah Mohler March 21, 2014

Several years ago, Georgetown University administrators started considering the necessity of ensuring the sustainability of new buildings on campus. Just this past year, Georgetown opted to institutionalize...

New Hall, Same Standard

By The Editorial Board December 12, 2012

The opening of Regents Hall demonstrates Georgetown’s commitment to advancing the study of the sciences. As the building’s first semester comes to a close, it is worth reflecting on how much progress...

Feeding Yourself Without Leo’s (It’s Possible!)

By Kaitlyn Morio and Kaitlyn Morio September 20, 2012

Last year I supported Leo’s. Everyone complained about the quality of food, the lack of options, and the long lines for meals that were never really worth it. But I always came to its defense because...

A New Year of Blogging Begins

By The 4E Staff and The 4E Staff September 3, 2012

Classes started yesterday. Welcome Week festivities are in full swing. And, even though its never NSOver, it's also unfortunately no longer socially acceptable to walk around wearing name tags. Even though...

GU Debuts New Science Facility

By Sarah Patrick August 28, 2012

With fresh grass adorning a new lawn on one side and construction equipment making its final exit from the other, Regents Hall opened its doors to students and faculty for the first time Monday. The...

Regents Hall Construction Will Finish Early

By Meghan Patzer February 17, 2012

Regents Hall, the university's new science facility, is on track to be completed by May 2012, two months earlier than previously announced. The building is slated to open for the next academic year...

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