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Hoyas Have One Move, One Groove

COURTESY OF CHRIS BIEN The co-ed hip-hop dance group Groove Theory has been preparing for their showcase.
The co-ed hip-hop dance group Groove Theory has been preparing for their showcase.

Some of the most fearless Hoyas are most comfortable when wearing dance pants and sneakers — or at least, that is the mindset of the co-ed dance group Groove Theory.

Having been repeatedly ranked the best performing arts group on campus, Groove Theory struts its stuff on and off stage with its unique style and infectious energy. Notably performing at off-campus events and basketball games, Groove Theory never fails to provide a great show for its loyal fans. March 27 will marks its annual showcase, “One Move, One Groove,” which is sure to meet the expectations of its many spectators.

“Groove Theory is more than just a group. It is a way of life,” the club’s motto states. The group members’ ability to perform and express themselves as a cohesive unit makes them some of the most talented and daring students on campus. Not many Hoyas would stand up in front of hundreds of people to dance in any capacity, let alone twerk or drop it low in the Verizon Center.

Lohrfink Auditorium in the Hariri building is expected to be a full house with a crowd as energetic as Groove Theory themselves. “The showcase is a time to show off some choreography, invite other groups to perform and give a space for the members of the group to explore in different styles of dance,” Groove Theory member Laura Angelich (COL ’15) said. “We’re expecting to sell out again this year.”

As in recent years, the showcase aims to be a fun, interactive experience that will captivate and entertain the audience.

“This will be our sixth annual showcase. Groove Theory opens the showcase with an eight to ten-minute mix, which is then followed by Groove Theory vignettes, booty-shaking contests featuring audience members and guest performances from teams both within and outside of Georgetown. The show ends with a final eight to ten-minute closing mix,” senior dancer Zoe Raphael (COL ’15) said.

Their powerful modern moves leave a lasting impression on anyone watching them dance, and you will certainly end up dancing along to the fast-paced tracks. By providing a fusion of old-school hip-hop and pop hits, Groove Theory provides entertainment for everyone.
“Each mix that we present is entirely student-choreographed. Once, I did a piece to “Money Trees” by Kendrick Lamar. It’s a matter of seeing a vision for the dance and then teaching it to the team. I really liked the song and felt that it fit my personal style well so I took some time to really take the song apart and add choreography to it,” dancer Nancy Hinojos (MSB ’15) said.

Groove Theory has spent months perfecting every pop, lock and drop. “We practice every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, averaging about 10 to 12 hours per week — often more as we get closer to the performance date.” Hinojos said. How does Groove Theory leave the crowd speechless after every performance? “Tons of rehearsal,” Angelich said. “We have been learning choreography for months, auditioning for pieces and practicing the mixes (even over spring break). Sometimes I feel like I am more a dancer than a student, but I know it will definitely be worth it to put on a great show.”

Many members of Groove Theory feel that it has been a culminating part of their Georgetown experience. The group has become more popular and has formed an eager, energetic fan base. And according to the current team members, the future of Groove Theory holds even more promise.

“Groove Theory has been an incredibly supportive community for me. It’s a team that I truly appreciate; dancing three days a week is not only an outlet for me, but also something I truly look forward to and enjoy,” Hinojos said. “I hope that it can continue being a supportive community in the future. We have had the opportunity to perform at various basketball games and I hope that high-level performances such as those can be augmented in the future because we have the capacity and talent for them.”

While the Groove Theory season is about to hit its peak, it cannot go unsaid that some of the team’s most talented members will be graduating at the end of this year.

“I am not worried at all for future groovers because we already have great younger choreographers and very dedicated younger dancers. We are very lucky to have this sense of community,” Angelich said. “I’d love to see Groove Theory as part of the discussion in promoting arts on Georgetown’s campus. Our student choreographers are creating art on a daily basis that I believe deserves to be appreciated on a much larger scale.”

While the pure talent and fearlessness of the team is what really steals the show, at the end of the day Groove Theory is a family.

“Groove Theory is all about learning new, distinct styles of hip-hop dance while embracing your own unique style. It’s also about challenging yourself and your teammates, while working to preserve the tight-knit, family-like bond we share,” Raphael said.

Tickets can be purchased online for $10. Be sure to get tickets ahead of time because the showcase is expected to sell out. Be there, and get ready to get your groove on.

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