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Movie Review: ‘Two Night Stand’

DEMAREST FILMS "Two Night Stand," starring Analeigh Tipton and Miles Teller , is a refreshingly different rom-com.
“Two Night Stand,” starring Analeigh Tipton and Miles Teller , is a refreshingly different rom-com.


“Two Night Stand” is a great modern “like” story. It doesn’t end with a passionate declaration of love, but rather shows the refreshingly realistic development of a modern relationship. It incorporates comedy, romance and fervent passion in an entertaining and charming way.

The story takes place in New York City, shortly after Christmas. Megan (Analeigh Tipton) is recovering from a breakup and follows the advice of a friend (Jessica Szohr) by joining an Internet dating site to find a one-night stand. There, she finds Alec (Miles Teller) and agrees to meet at his place.

The next morning, the two awake to find that a freak snowstorm has paralyzed New York City and that they are (literally) stuck inside his apartment. They get off to a rocky start but soon embrace their circumstances and use their time together to give each other advice on how to improve their relationship skills. Through conversation and “experimentation,” the two soon realize that they are not as different as they originally thought, and that they can learn a lot from each other.

The film is directed by Max Nichols, a former music video director who worked with artists including Willie Nelson before moving on to “Two Night Stand,” his first feature-length film. The film also features Scott Mescudi — aka Kid Cudi — as Jessica Sozhr’s humorous boyfriend

Teller is the perfect modern rom-com lead. He is hilariously awkward and realistically portrays the unambitious, yet jovial, Alec. He is strikingly believable in both his humorous and heartfelt moments. Teller’s past performance in “The Spectacular Now” solidified his status as a rising star in the romantic comedy world, and his role in “Divergent” and its upcoming sequel will soon make him a well-known face, and rightly so. His final moments in the film are undoubtedly his best and I know that Teller’s “big speech” will melt the hearts of girls everywhere.

Audiences will recognize Tipton from her roles in “Crazy, Stupid Love,” “Warm Bodies” and “Lucy.” Tipton is a decent female lead; she is likeable, but her character is not necessarily relatable. The plotline surrounding her character falls short of expectations at times and seems to try too hard. Namely, when Tipton’s character reveals — in a plot point aimed to evoke sympathy — that she followed a boy to college and a pre-med major, only to be left broken-hearted, the moment falls short.

Audiences will, frankly, be unmoved by her backstory and by her do-nothing lifestyle. This is not to say that Tipton did not embrace her character. She is believable and captivating, and perfectly complements Teller’s laid-back character. She is strong, quirky and free-spirited as Megan and will do great things when given a starring role.

The chemistry between these two up-and-coming actors is one of the clear strong suits of this film. It does not start out that way, though; the chemistry slowly develops over the course of the movie, as it would in real life. Teller and Tipton are sufficiently awkward in their opening scenes, but the audience soon grows accustomed to their unique personalities and quirky conversations. There are many brilliant scenes of charming humor and quick jokes that evoke at least a smile.

The plotline of this movie is not revolutionary, but the lines and the ending of the movie are innovative. There are moments of creativity and unique twists in the plot that elicit emotional responses from the audience. There is room for improvement, but overall, this movie succeeds in entertaining the young adult audience it targets.

“Two Night Stand” is a cute, modern romantic comedy that leaves you believing in realistic “like” stories. It is worth seeing for a fun night and a few laughs; bring your friends or a date, and enjoy this modern take on the classic one-night stand scenario.

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