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What’s Your Social Network?


You’re mainstream, but not ashamed. You have a penchant for stalking people you barely know and assessing their personalities based on their tagged pictures. You don’t mind using popular aspects of those “other” social networking sites such as hashtags and memes. You have everything you need right here, so why go anywhere else?


You like the idea of having “followers” instead of “friends.” You might think everyone wants to know what deli meat you prefer on your sandwich, but they don’t. Maybe you like tracking your favorite political and pop culture pundits, but your friends still wonder why you know so many details about your favorite celebrities. Basically, you love to know what’s going on (but only in 140 character increments).


Congratulations! You’ve officially discovered time travel, because you’re clearly from the year 2002 A.D. All that’s left on MySpace is a couple of struggling artists vying to be the next Justin Bieber and middle school students (with really fancy layouts!) who aren’t yet 13 years old and who refuse to lie about their ages to Lord Facebook.


Google+, with its integration of your email account and the unlimited chatting features, removes that guilt from spending too much time online. Although the circles are enticing, its downfall  is the lack of users, which makes posts pretty pointless. Don’t worry, it’ll get there. And then, you can say you’ve been there since the Beta version. Share that one with “public.”


You’re probably in the MSB, or you’re at least already planning for the future. LinkedIn is a true networking site for the more practical and efficient undergrads. While the rest of your friends are still hopelessly searching for summer plans, you’ve had yours in place since January thanks to your networking skills. Give yourself a pat on the back! (And stop bragging about your sweet internship to your unemployed friends.)


You enjoy the exclusivity of this site, which you need an invitation to join. You are also probably female and love living vicariously through people who inspire you through what they can make or do. You can be creative by appreciating creativity, right? You tell yourself you’re going to try to emulate them, but that would involve too much work. Pinning something is just too easy.

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