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Escape the Summer Heat With These 4 Drink Spots


For the fierce coffee fiend:
Tryst Coffeehouse


Find seasonal blends crafted to perfection and enjoy an intense cup of joe in the cozy atmosphere of Tryst. Do not be fooled by the homey interior; Tryst is an edgy, back-to-basics cafe without the Starbucks-style sugary creations that cover up the coffee’s flavor. Instead, the coffee menu is simple, unadulterated by syrup or flavoring. Tryst’s roasters, Counter-Culture Coffee, negotiate trade deals directly with the farmers who grow the beans, which allows for honest trades and a strong alliance in coffee. For the 21-plus crowd, Tryst also has a bar that serves specialty cocktails. Whether you go here to meet friends or grind out summer projects, Tryst has powerful, authentic coffee to help you power through long summer days.

For the chilled-out student with a sweet tooth:
Kung Fu Tea Georgetown


Since its grand opening on Wisconsin Avenue last June, Kung Fu Tea has been a hit with college students and locals alike and will continue to keep Georgetown cool and caffeinated this summer. Featuring a large menu and a cute lofted area to sit and chat, Kung Fu Tea is perfect for catching up with friends and sipping bubble tea, a Taiwanese drink with sweet cold tea and tapioca balls called boba. Every drink can be customized by toppings — including boba, jelly, pudding and more — flavor, sweetness and ice level to ensure that customers get exactly what hits the spot.

For the wannabe beach bum:
Jaco Juice & Taco Bar


This Pennsylvania-based restaurant is worth the trek up Wisconsin Avenue for myriad smoothies, acai bowls and fresh-pressed juices all made to order. Some standouts on the menu are the Brooklyn Smoothie, a mixture of banana, pineapple, avocado, kale, lemon, almond milk, agave and cardamom, and the Baco Juice, made from orange juice, carrot and ginger. Add in superfoods like spirulina or bee pollen to any drink for more health benefits. Jaco strives to make healthy food and drinks delicious and quick, equally perfect for an intern in a rush or someone relaxing in the summer sun. The service is cheerful and relaxed, and staff are especially welcoming to Hoyas. The bright interior and cute patio area makes Jaco a lively place any time of year, but it is especially appealing during the summer to get the full Southern California vibe.

For the health nut:


Fruitive has plenty of smoothies and bowls tailored to keep customers feeling at the top of their health game. The bowls and smoothies at Fruitive are organic, and it serves Spyhouse coffee and exclusive loose-leaf teas for anyone who is not feeling juice. Add turmeric, maca or cacao powder, which are all offered at Fruitive, to boost the smoothies even more. To reap antioxidant benefits, order the Wellness Shot boost with wheatgrass. If caffeine is the way to go, try one of the charcoal or algae lattes to keep up the health kick. Fruitive even delivers, so on boiling hot days customers do not have to venture outside for their refreshments.

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